When you try to reach out too late

Ever wonder what happens to some of the people that you went to high school with?  The ones that were your friends but yet they were not so much of your close friends that you would want to grow old with them or have their children be friends with your children. I am sure that every one can attest to the fact that there are … Continue reading When you try to reach out too late

Raps in 5

So the 2017-2018 NBA season has began  and the Raptors are 3 – 2. On Friday, October 26, the Raps had to battle their way back from a 17 points deficit against the Los Angeles Lakers.  There were a lot of Oooos and Ahhhhhs, dammit, f-bombs  and nail biting on my end as I watch the game. While the Raptors were able to walk away … Continue reading Raps in 5