Raps in 5

So the 2017-2018 NBA season has began  and the Raptors are 3 – 2. On Friday, October 26, the Raps had to battle their way back from a 17 points deficit against the Los Angeles Lakers.  There were a lot of Oooos and Ahhhhhs, dammit, f-bombs  and nail biting on my end as I watch the game. While the Raptors were able to walk away with a win 101- 92, it was a very disappointing game for me. Although I love the hustle and I love the fight, there were a lot of sloppy basketball, a lot of missed uncontested shots and a lot of “rookie” mistakes. The Raps were out there looking like the inexperience team for a hot second. I’m happy that they won, but I’m going to need them to do a lot better in the next game. If the Los Angeles Lakers were a more experience team, they would be able to take this one for sure. Shout out to the Raps on the win and a big Congrats to Siakim for kicking ass and making a name for himself. Also this was Demar Derozan’s 600 games as a Toronto Raptors; never thought the day would come when I would see a player so proud to be playing for the Raptors  and is looking forward to playing even more games for the Raptors. I’m so happy and proud to be a part of this journey with him. Congrats Debo.

Check out Demar’s tweet about his 600 games. 


In game 4 Raptors lost to Golden State at 112-117 and in game 3 the Spurs beat them at 101-97. The Raps won against Philadelphia in game 2 with the score of  128 – 94.

For the fifth consecutive year Raptors were able to protect home court and walked away with a victory from the Chicago Bulls. The Raptors went up against the Bulls on opening night, October 19. If you are familiar with Raptors and Bulls history, you would know that the Bulls had beaten the Raptors 11 games in a row. It took  Ibaka getting  ejected from the game, for the Raps to come away with a victory on March 21st, 2017. History did not repeat itself on opening night as the Raps beat the Bulls 117-100. Our leading scorers were JV 23 points, Norman Powell  15 and Klow 12.



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