When you try to reach out too late

Ever wonder what happens to some of the people that you went to high school with?  The ones that were your friends but yet they were not so much of your close friends that you would want to grow old with them or have their children be friends with your children. I am sure that every one can attest to the fact that there are probably one or two people that they wish they had kept in touch with.

Going to high school in Toronto was not the best years of my life, they were never the worse years either. Coming from a different country, leaving all my friends to be thrown into the world of  the unknown wasn’t something that was I excited for me so I went there, do my time, stick to the people that were closer to to my experiences and was more than happy to not look back once I was out. Even though I was more than happy to get out of high school,  I must say that there were certain teachers that had a tremendous impact on my life and had pushed me to go forward and some friends who will be in my life forever. However there was this one person in particular that smile brightened up my life. Whenever my mind drift to high school memory this person always come to my mind and I always wonder how he was doing and the things that life had to offer him. Well today  ( June 14, 2018) I’m sad to say that as I goggled him and try to hit him up on social media I learned that he had past away in 2013.

My heart is aching. My hands began to shake as I read through his obituary and the tributes and still continue to search for him elsewhere with the hopes that this may not be true.  Sadly the reality was he was no longer here.

You see this individual suffered heart failure at the age of eight and continue to wear a  LVAD device  until he received a heart transplant in 2002. He went on to earn his degree, marry, start his own business and a non-profit organization that focused on heart patients. This person was only in my life for approximately a  year and a half .  During his last year in high school, he had to leave in the middle of the school year because he had became so ill. I’ve been his friend throughout his ups and downs and looked forward to the days when he was not in the hospital and could actually make it to school. On the last day of school, he wasn’t able to attend and I made sure that I seek out the person that was responsible for his year book so I could leave my mark on it and let him know that  he was missed, he was loved and I would always think about him.

I regretted taking so long to find  out information on him,  taking so long to reach out. I wish I had met his wife, be in his life and be a part of the man he had become. I will always remember his positive outlook on life, the way he lights up a room when he walks in and the way he was always present and nice to everyone. He got to do the things he wanted to do and did it his way on his time. The odds were against him and him and Doctors estimated that he would not live pass his teen years, but he beat those adds and lived for thirty three years.

I miss him now more than ever knowing that the chances of seeing him again will never happen. Sleep In paradise my friend. You will always be remembered.

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