Thank you Demar DeRozan

As I sit here writing this post, my feelings are up and down, my emotions are all over the place and it still feels unreal. I still can’t believe that there will be no number 10 on the Toronto Raptors for the upcoming 2018- 2019 NBA season. I still can’t believe I won’t see post interviews, Open Gym and practice interviews with Demar in it. No more Demar and Kyle at the podium, no more Demar in the background, no more Demar leading this team, arranging dinners or making sure that our rookies are okay and  that our team knows that one bad game does not define us, that as long as there is more basketball to play, they can do better collectively and individually.  My heart is in shambles. This is unreal. How did this happen? Why did this happen? You did not deserve this.

I know that you are hurting and you feel betrayed by an organization that you love and trusted with your career, an organization that you called family for the past nine years, an organization that you thought would have your back until the day you decided that you no longer wanted to play basketball. What you feel, I feel too, except that you are the one living it directly and as fans we can only live vicariously through you. It is through you that hope for a championship was on the minds of many Raptors fans. It is through you that we’ve seen the highest level of competitiveness from this team. It is through you that we experience what it is like to break records, to be an All Star, to be a leader, to work you ass off and still remain humble to the very end.

You have been Toronto Raptors fans light at the end of that tunnel ever since you told us you got us in 2010. You have never let us down. Your impeccable work ethic has not gone unnoticed; your loyalty and the love you have for the fans of Toronto is one in  a million. You are our All star, our Mr. Toronto, our only loyal soldier in this game of basketball. You will be missed, you won’t be forgotten. We hold out hope that one day you will return to represent us even though we know that deep down this organization no longer deserve you.

Thank you for everything that you have done for this organization, for this city, this country;  from breaking records to basketball camps, to visiting sick kids in the hospital, to signing jersey,  hats, and shoes. From supporting the 905s and attending events thrown by your team mates, just so you can be closer to us. From waking up at 4 am to hit the gym with Norm or OG and making sure that you show your face at summer league every year to work out with perspective players. I could go on and on, but for everything you do for us, Thank you but most importantly  thank you for sticking around when you had options. Thank you for not just being another all star that bailed on us. Thank you for always thinking about us. You are loved, you are missed.

PC: Raps App

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