About Us


Wraystars.Com is an online platform that mainly focuses on music, reality and culture.  I started this media platform to share my interest with world while simultaneously introducing them to my cultural experiences and sharing some of my most vulnerable experiences. I hope to connect with those that share similar and or different experiences and hope that my vision and my words can heal someone, touch someone or find a friend in someone.


Music has always been a part of my experiences. I cannot remember a time in my life when I couldn’t find a song or an artist to help me get through the day. Music has helped me grieve, celebrate and help me make some of the most important and tough decisions that life had to offer me. I truly believe that there is a song out there for every experience. From gospel songs, to dancehall  to hip-hop, jazz and even folk music there is an undeniable experience that one encounters when they come a cross a song that speak to them or touch them in ways that no other human being can touch them. It’s an unexplained feeling that can only be described as just right in that very moment. The love I have for music is one that will give you an out of body experience and elevate ad motivate you to the highest level when nothing else can.


Life can get at you sometimes. There are time when reality hits you at your lowest and then there are time when your life  feels so full that you think to yourself that you are at the top of that hierarchy and life cannot get any better. Whatever your reality is, I am sure that somewhere, somehow I can relate because even though we are not the same we sometimes share similar experiences. From finances, to employment, to family and just the reality of waking up and getting the day started, we somehow have to face our reality.


My Jamaican roots are embedded in me . I created WrayStars.Com as a platform to showcase Jamaica’s culture in a respectful, positive and uplifting manner. I became tired of mainstream media spinning their own narrative of my culture and zooming in on the negativities instead of trying to understand and highlight the beauty and the depth of my culture. I became tired of the stereotypes, the unauthenticated representation and the manner in which Jamaica has been perceived by people who has never visited there and who has never been directly  involved in anything Jamaican relate. I will positively change the narrative of life on my island. I will introduce you to the people, the music, the food, the entertainment, the lifestyle, the culture. I will introduce you to the owners of the moms and pops store, the community leaders, the hero parents, the rising stars and the children who are about to change the island for the better.  I will introduce you to a whole new perspective, letting you know that we are more than beautiful beaches, sunsets and landscapes.

If you are interested in being featured on this site or have any questions and or comments about anything that is featured, please do not hesitate to contact me at marsha@wraystars.com or any of my multiple social media